Will Second Strings Project Send Me String?

Yes!!  If you are traveling and would like to bring along used guitar strings to donate, simply send and email to kevin@secondstringsproject.org with your travel dates and available weight in your checked bags.

How much does it cost to ship the strings?

The cost will vary depending on the partner and weight.  To estimate ahead of time you can use this USPS postage price calculator at postcalc.usps.com.  Be sure to click the Display All Options Box once they list the prices. (without clicking that box they will only display the most expensive options)

How should the strings be packaged?

Please do not ship loose strings or a pile of them in a box.  As you replace your strings, put the old strings in teh sleeves that come with the new set and all sleeves in the original packaging.

I only have one or two sets. Is that OK?

Absolutely!  If you are concerned about the cost of shipping, for small amounts you can send them to: P.O. Box 234, Nederland, CO 80466, USA

Can I send strings other than guitar? Can I send instruments?

Yes.  Check first with the partner to make sure.

Are there partners in the United States?

Yes.  Details can be found on the partner page.  If you have any suggestions, please let us know.

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