Second Strings Project is moving into a new phase. We are taking out the middleman. If you have strings or anything else you want to donate, contact one of these partners.  If you have a suggestion for someone who would be willing to be a partner, please let us know here.  Also, if you are traveling and would like to bring some of our strings along, let us know and we’ll mail them to you! Send an email to


You can still send small numbers of sets to P.O. Box 234, Nederland, CO 80466, USA

Mr. Yos Chandara

A very nice and interesting man who wears many hats at the university. He is a big fan of Second Strings, although we have only been working with him a short time. He will accept anything musical (strings, instruments, capos, etc.) You can see a picture of him in front of the orchestra on this page:
Dean, Faculty of Music
Royal University of Fine Arts
#72, St. 19
Sk. Chey Chumneas
Ka Duan Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Ferns Tosco

Ferns is a singer from the Philippines. Check out her ‘Island Called Boracay’ YouTube and iTunes!
I met her through my globe hopping friend Glen Morrisey and she can deliver strings to musicians who can use them in the Philippines.

Ferns Tosco ℅ BomBom Bar, Borocay Philippines

(full address pending)

Anthony Onyango Yakobo

Anthony writes: I am the founder and Director of Child Support Ministries Africa (CSMA).  CSMA is a not-for-profit organization (NGO) caring for orphans, vulnerable children, disadvantaged youth, and widows in poor communities in Uganda.  One of our programs is developing young  people’s musical talents, by teaching them musical skills in Guitar playing , Piano Keyboard playing , Bass playing,  drums, Saxophone and  trumpet playing and in in Arts and Movie acting.  However our main challenge is lack of musical instruments that the young people can use for learning and practicing their skills. We are therefore asking you to consider donating to our organization, any a assortment of used Guitar Strings and other musical instruments and sound equipment that we can use in helping young children and youth to develop their talents and musical skills here in Uganda.  We will be very grateful for your positive considerations.

Anthony Onyango Yakobo

CEO, Child Support Ministries Africa

P.O. Box 28454 Kampala, Uganda
Tel: +256 782 691 159

Pablo Menendez

A longtime friend of Second Strings, Pablo is a very well-known musician and music professor based in Havana, Cuba. He tours in the United States somewhat regularly. If he and his band Mezcla are in your area, by all means catch a show.
Calle 94 #110
e/ 1ra y 3ra
Miramar, Municipio Playa
La Habana, Cuba

Favio Chavez/Landfillharmonic

According to Favio, “The worlds send us garbage. We send back music.” This amazing group has been featured on 60 minutes and you can see a good summary of the work they do in Paraguay on the home page of the documentary. They will also accept both strings and instruments.…/…/landfill-harmonic (upcoming documentary)
C/O Eureka Productions, Inc
4223 Glencoe Ave, Suite – C125
Marina del Rey, CA 90292

Charlotte Richards

A.K.A. Michelle Clarke, Charlotte is a vocalist, author and great friend from Guyana whose band lights up the night in Brooklyn. Very fun music if you get the chance to see them.
474 E 52 ND Street
Brooklyn, New York 11203
* Will be transferred or can be sent directly to:

Sharon Cozier
4593 Rasville Roxanne
Burnham Gardens
Georgetown, Guyana

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