Bringing guitar strings along with your luggage can be a rewarding and fun experience.  And we will send you the strings!!  Here are a few tips:

- If you are working with one of our partners, contact them ahead of time and have them send you a letter documenting that you are bringing the strings.  Include amounts and dates of travel.  This can help speed things through customs if the strings get flagged (they will look unusual going through an x-ray and it’s common to get a question or two).

- Bundle the strings in full sets in the original packaging if possible.

- If your not working with a partner, simply head to popular tourist areas and see if there are any street performers that would want a few sets.  This can often lead to some wonderful interactions and new friendships.

- If you have friends you are visiting, maybe they will know about a local music school that could use the donation.

- A club or bar with live music is a good place to meet professional musicians that would be willing to help.  They invariably know people that are in need of good quality used strings.

– It is helpful to donate the strings as soon after you arrive as possible so you don’t have to carry them around from place to place.

– Consider bringing nylon and bass guitar strings as well as acoustic.  Nylons are particularly popular in Latin-American countries.


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